Think Buddy

When you want to find an optimal solution to a challenge or a problem faster and smoother, a Think Buddy may be exactly what you need.

What does a Think Buddy do?
I am an open and curious listener who quickly understands what your challenge is all about. I have an extremely good ability to see clearly from many different perspectives and can describe what I perceive in a clear and comprehensible way. I like to ask somewhat provocative questions to elicit even “unthinkable” solutions.

I do not know what you know about your situation, your company or your industry – this is your area of expertise. What I bring are new ways of looking at and relating to what you already know, challenging your assumptions and habitual thinking so your expertise can expand further.

How it works
You meet your Think Buddy on any digital platform – I offer Google Meet. If you have another platform you prefer, I’m probably open to using it.

If relevant, depending on your particular challenge, we can work on a digital whiteboard or share a document for common notes.

The time frame depends on the scope of your challenge, probably at least 1 hour and likely no more than 5 hours.

Here are some examples of types of assignments as Think Buddy from shorter to longer:

* Proposal structure

* Communication plan for a challenging employee review

* Approach and plan for implementation of process change

* Digitization strategy

As you can see, these are not small questions; but even a brief moment with a Think Buddy can open up new avenues of thought.

Do you want to know more? Get in touch!