Hazika works in partnership with companies and organizations to transform business practices in a way that supports sustainability for the planet and people.

Hazika works in close cooperation with its customers and sometimes together with other partners. All collaboration is based on the following principles:

Clear intention
We do things consciously, always with clear goals and well-thought-out strategies.

The right to get needs met 
In our collaboration, we will do everything we can to support people’s ability to meet their needs.

The highest potential
We believe in people’s ability to learn and develop. We do not believe in failures, only in learning. It is our desire that everyone reaches their highest potential.

Integral thinking
The world we live in is too complex, grand and ever changing for individual perspectives to fully embrace its diversity and complexity. We need to take in the whole web of relationships we live in to navigate it and create sustainable outcomes.

Constantly evolving
Everything is always evolving, it is nature’s way. So does Hazika, on its own and together with our customers and partners.

Harmony with nature
We do everything we can to reduce our ecological footprint and respect the planetary boundaries.