Ann Horn - transformational catalyst, Think Buddy, designer and speaker.

I am on a mission to revolutionize business and uniting with kindred spirits who value curiosity, generosity, trust and transformation. Together, we can tackle today’s pressing issues, all while championing sustainability. It all begins within, unlocking our diverse intelligences to build a thriving future for all.

    Hazika - the Intelligent

    I carefully selected this name to encapsulate the essence of leveraging all our capacities for creating profound transformations, leading to more enriched lives and a more generative approach to business.

    As a transformational catalyst I don’t claim to know your world – I infuse it with a fresh lens. Together we will discover: collaborative solutions, empathic listening, strategic insight, shared clarity and crystal clear communication.

    My approach to transformation ensures integrity and alignment with your business’s best interests.

    Unleash Your Brilliance

    To truly change the way we live and do business we need to think differently, do differently and lead differently. It is time to unleash our brilliance!

    Having navigated my own journey from burnout to brilliance, I know we can harness more of our human intelligence. Join me in reshaping business and unlocking inherent potential for impactful change.


    Think Differently

    Discover the diverse dimensions of thought, each with its unique
    role to play. 

    Together, we’ll uncover the nuances of creative thinking, identify the hurdles that impede innovation, and chart a course toward overcoming them.

    Do Differently Leading Beyond Tomorrow

    Do Differently

    True change begins with the courage to break away from the comfortable,
    the ordinary. 

    Together we will explore the interplay between mind, body and heart, to harness all of our human potential decisively to create lasting change.


    Lead Differently

    Become a leader for transformation!

    Cultivate your leadership and perspectives to effectively address complex challenges, create positive organizational cultures, and contribute to the betterment of both your organization and society as a whole.

    Work With Me

    Think Buddy

    A Think Buddy is your trusted partner in navigating the landscape of challenges and problems.

    Whether you're striving to find the optimal solution or seeking a smoother route through the complexities, Think Buddy is your ally, accelerating your journey towards clarity and innovation.

    Sustainable Business Design

    Within the realm of sustainable business design lies true transformation – a call to reinvent the very fabric of your business for a genuinely positive impact on the world.

    Sustainable business design is about strengthening your business's ability to thrive, promoting equity across financial, environmental and human dimensions and strengthening its resilience.

    Cultivating Conscious Leadership

    Discover the power of conscious leadership. My integral approach equips leaders with tools and perspectives to tackle complex challenges, foster positive cultures, and contribute to a better society.

    Embrace a worldview rooted in collaboration and innovation. Lead beyond tomorrow, guided by long term systems thinking. Join me in transforming leadership from within shaping a sustainable future.

    Signature Talks

    An immersive experience designed to awaken your curiosity, challenge your perspectives, and equip you with actionable insights.

    I’m excited to guide you through an exploration that empowers you to not only think differently but also to take purposeful steps toward meaningful change.

    Intro Call

    Whether you’re ready to take the next step on your transformative journey, would like to give me some feedback or just want to immerse in a meaningful conversation about radical change I'd love to connect with you.

    Reach out to me at, and let’s find a time for a 30-minute introductory call.


    Development program

    Development program

    "We chose to use Ann as a catalyst for this work and conducted a number of workshops with her methodology. I am very pleased with the result. We managed in a surprisingly short time to create a concrete goal with concrete and realistic activities. The key to success is Ann's methodology combined with her way of leading and challenging the participants."



    "Ann has helped me become clear about what I want by clarifying questions and helping to find possible solutions. She is professional and at the same time warm and committed."

    Business Design

    Business Design

    "Ann is "crazy professional", intellectually honest and to the point. This means that she is able to question and keep things at a relevant level, which provides the necessary leverage for the result to be good."

    Insights & Reflections

    Dive into my blog, where I delve into topics that resonate deeply with me —primarily the realms of transformation, sustainability and leadership.