Reflecting on Rain and Rising Waters

Published by Ann Horn on

Water is the essence of life, a vital elixir that sustains us in myriad ways. Beyond quenching our thirst, it offers respite on hot summer days. Yet, recent times have unveiled a contrasting facet of water—its unruly power. Scandinavia, a region often associated with pristine landscapes, has borne witness to torrents of rain, revealing nature’s might.

In my hometown, where sea levels are our neighbors, these rains have made their presence felt. Our basement stood not impervious. Memories of a storm two years ago, a rarity termed the storm of a millennium, resurfaced. This year, the downpour, though not as statistically rare, displayed a formidable strength.

Flooding summer 2023. Photo: Ann Horn

However, the true peril awaits downstream. Our neighborhood rests in the path of waters surging from western rivers and lakes. Regions hit much harder bearing the scars of devastation—washed-out roads and driveways, landscapes altered. The specter of flooding looms large, as we grapple with the highest risk warnings. Our tranquil lake, once a haven of cooling serenity, has transformed into a potential threat. Its currents run fierce, with potential for unwanted debris in their wake. 

My proximity to this unfolding drama has sharpened my senses, intensifying my understanding of climate change. While my experience pales in comparison to the cataclysms making headlines, it is a tangible encounter that stirs a deeper resonance.

This encounter sparks a resolve to transcend the status quo. The time for inertia is over; “business as usual” is no longer acceptable. This is time for real change.  True change demands a departure from well-worn paths. In the wisdom of Albert Einstein, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” This truth reverberates louder than ever.

At a time when the consequences of our collective course is felt by so many, who stands alongside me? Climate change is an undeniable reality, a call to reconfigure our approach. Sustainability alone falls short; adaptivity is necessary. Let’s channel our concern into action, redefining our perspectives and inspiring a paradigm shift. Let’s sculpt a future where our actions mirror the urgency of the hour.