Cultivating Conscious Leadership

The power of conscious leadership lies in the willingness to serve, to address complex challenges, create positive organizational cultures, and contribute to the betterment of both their organizations and society as a whole.

With a motivation, or drive, to create change in self and others conscious leaders promote  transformation from the inside out by serving the greater good and ethical decision-making.

What you gain
In the program you will develop needed leadership capacities

Leading beyond tomorrow
By forming a vision for a sustainable future and leading the way, based on systems theory, the ability for long term strategic visioning, innovation and creativity.

Ability to manifest the vision
Through “right relationships” with people and planet,  following Nature’s law of collaboration, adaptability, creativity, local attunement, multifunctionality and responsiveness, you will create a culture that fosters empathy & communication to balance stakeholder interest as well as cultural sensitivity

You will develop your own internal skills and abilities for self leadership, self awareness, introspection, learning and growth.

How it works
All my programs are based on my own experience from over 30 years in business and 25 years of integral practice. To make them work for you, each program is tailored to your specific situation. Together, we identify where your starting point is, your most important challenges and where you would like to be in the future to chart the best path forward.

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